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I really enjoy hosting supper clubs and meeting new people as I get the opportunity to create interesting combinations with new ingredients. My menus are often created to challenge myself and to generate a reaction (positive, I hope!) I have done a number of menus in the past. Once of my favourites was ‘tongue ‘n’ cheek’ which used forgotten cuts alongside exotic oriental ingredients. recently I have been working on a menu that does not include any animal products. Typically called vegan, I see it as exploring food and not being limited to a certain style or cuisine. I enjoy giving people delicious food while pushing the boundaries of what they would usually try.


Testimonials for previous supper clubs:

‘Each course was a unique dish… distinct and full of flavour.’

‘Gabby outdid herself! Better than any restaurant!’

‘Each dish 10 out of 10’

‘sublime, unique flavours mixing together in unusual yet incredible ways’

‘Every course tickled my tastebuds and broadened my boundaries’

‘All I can say is wow!’