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Hi there, and thanks for stopping by this wonderful food adventure!
My name is Gabby, and I’m the creator of Three Little Pigs – I’m also someone with an incredibly healthy appetite, and an extraordinary intolerance to anything inedible. Simply put? I love good food.
That love of food, and desire to share the love and quality with others definitely stems from my mother. It’s such a joy to look back on the relationship I’ve had with her over the years, and everything she taught me about food. Growing up in Ecuador, fresh produce and incredible food are two of my fondest memories. I live in Britain now, and am quickly realizing how easy it was to take the fresh food availability in Ecuador for granted at the time.
When I was a kid, we only cooked what was both available, and affordable. As you might expect, that means trying a lot of adventurous dishes prepared in different ways – yes, including tongue and cheek – literally! Looking back now, though, I couldn’t be more grateful for those experiences, especially as a child. There couldn’t be such a thing as a ‘picky eater’ in my house, and that helped to open my eyes toward a willingness to branch out with food to this very day.
But, for as much as I loved to eat, and as exciting as it was to try new things, I eventually had to learn to cook on my own (I actually burned water after moving into my first house, so I was really starting from the bottom…). Eating at restaurants every day was a luxury I couldn’t afford, and I loved food too much not to want something delicious for myself everyday!
So, with determination and a healthy appetite, I set out to create meals that not only I could enjoy, but meals I would have been happy to pay for somewhere else.

Food can set off a variety of different reactions and emotions, as it’s the connecting point of life for us all. You can be left speechless, you can laugh, you can cry – maybe you can even be a bit offended. Whatever, the case, I believe food should evoke something within you. Life is too short to eat food that doesn’t inspire you in some way.
That’s the story and the mantra behind Three Little Pigs, and to this day, it’s a business based on family. The logo itself is a representation of my children (who have no problem being taste-testers far too often!). The passion remains the same; providing quality, fresh food served in unique and innovative dishes, and of course, delicious varieties of freshly-baked macarons (you can’t have great food without a little something sweet, after all!). Good food should be available for everyone, and that’s what Three Little Pigs aims to do.